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We want our customers to be as knowledgeable as possible about coffee from plant to cup. 
Making the ultimate cup of coffee at home.
There are several ways to brew your coffee at home, but we find that the French Press method is an easy and effective way of extracting the very best flavors from your coffee. Many of the standard auto drip coffee makers may not get hot enough for producing a cup that rivals a press. But whichever method you use, following some of these basic rules can greatly improve the cups quality, allowing you to pick out some of the underlying flavors that would have otherwise been lost.

fresh coffee beans

Use only the freshest beans
The only way you can be guaranteed your getting freshly roasted coffee is by buying direct from your small independent roaster. Youíre not only buying coffee that's  been roasted within 24 hours of your order, youíre likely to be supporting numerous sustainability organizations. The huge coffee roasters don't find that cost effective. Use beans no more than ten days from their roast date.

coffee storage


Store your beans in an airtight container
We donít recommend freezing coffee beans, but if you donít expect to use them for an extended period of time, say 10 days or so, itís better to store them in the freezer, as opposed to on the shelf.

grinding coffee
Grind coffee in small amounts, as you need it
This will greatly reduce the natural loss of flavor and aroma that slowly begins as soon as the beans come out of the roaster. This loss is greatly accelerated after grinding.

The size of the grind depends on the method of brewing.
A courser grind for french presses and a finer grind for espresso.