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french press
Using a French Press
The grind should be almost as coarse as a percolator grind (similar to coarse salt). For every 8 ounces of water, place two rounded tablespoons of ground coffee into the French press or check your press, most of them have coffee/water measurement lines. 
 filling french press 
Pouring the water
Make sure you use quality water and filtered if possible. Bring water to a near boil (200 degrees F is best). Water thatís not hot enough will cause a sour/weak cup. Water thatís too hot will produce a burnt or bitter flavor. Vigorously pour water over the coffee grinds at the bottom of your press, mixing them well 

Cover with the lid, but donít press it yet. 
Make sure you turn the lid to the open spot to pour. Wait four minutes.


Slow and steady
Holding down the top of the lid, s
lowly press the plunger down until it stops.
Continue to hold down the lid as you pour.

   perfect cup of coffee     

   Enjoy a great cup of coffee!